A downloadable game for Windows

This game is a 2D multiplayer shooter with over 20+ different guns that spawn randomly every game. Fun with a few friends!

User Known's Fight Field started as a silly inside joke about PUBG clones (please don't sue me), but evolved into a fun project I worked on from time to time over the past five months. Now, I think it's finished enough to open up for testing by some people other than just my close friends! 

WASD to move
Left mouse to shoot
R to reload
E to interact
ESC to leave / quit

The artwork is all done by my good friend tWed:


Coding done by me!


None of the sounds are mine

You need to open a separate instance of the game and click Create Server, then open the game again to play. Then, all of your friends can connect to your server via your IP. The default port you need to port forward is 25565 (TCP).

Leave any issues you encounter or feedback in the comments!! :)
Don't forget to rate!

NOTE: Battle Royale mode is EXTREMELY ALPHA right now. It will probably crash if you quit. Deathmatch is much more stable (hopefully :D).

Have fun!

Install instructions

Open a separate instance of the game to run the server and one to play. Default port is 25565, and cannot be changed at this time.


UKFFv2.0.0.exe 5 MB
UserKnownsFightFieldv2.1.0.exe 5 MB

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